Our Specialities


Antipasti di terra

  • Parma ham aged 36 months with Buffalo mozzarella
  • Plateaux of mixed cold cuts and cheeses with glacè and jam of our production
  • Spanish ham “Patanegra” and bread chips spread with “Castelmagno” cheese
  • Buffalo mozzarella and fresh tomatoes salad served warm with basil olive oil
  • Gratinated asparagus with Buffalo’s mozzarella cheese and black-truffle
  • Patè of foie gras, toasted bread and hot apples sauce and red onion jam
  • Smocked duck breast on green salad and peeled oranges

Antipasti di mare

  • Oysters: Speciales de Claire
  • Tuna-fish tartare with extra virgin olive oil, maldon salt and and Sichuan pepper
  • Red imperial prawns served with iceberg salad and cocktail sauce
  • Sliced-lobster on green salad, flavored with ginger
  • Clams and mussels souté
  • Julienne of fresh squid and crispy artichokes
  • Selection of smoked fish (salmon, tuna and sword-fish)

Primi piatti

  • Spaghetti with clams
  • Fresh ravioli stuffed with red prawns on Sicilian oranges sauce
  • Thin noodles “Mediterranea” style with fresh tuna fish, tomato sauce, olives, capers and anchovies
  • Flat noodles with lobster and dried tomatoes
  • Home made dumplings with cuttlefish ink, squid and “Bottarga”
  • Home made “Agnolotti” stuffed with “Matriciana” sauce, melted Pecorino cheese
  • Spaghetti “Carbonara” style with black truffle
  • Thin noodles with white truffle from Alba
  • Thin noodles with asparagus and pistachios flavored with citrus
  • Tonnarello with ewe’s cheese and black pepper
  • Fresh raviolo stuffed with Buffalo ricotta cheese served in a artichokes and bacon sauce
  • Home made dumplings with gorgonzola cheese sauce and pears

Secondi di pesce

  • Sea-bass in salt crust (100 gramms)
  • Turbot in potatoes crust (100 gramms)
  • Fresh tuna fish “Sicilian” style with tomato sauce, olives, capers and archovies
  • Turbot fillet in the oven with sea food and shellfish
  • Strips of sea-bass, arugula salad and tomatoes with bottarga
  • Lobster au gratin with aromatic erbs
  • Mediterranean “Scampi” au gratin
  • Imperal red prawns flambée with cognac, served on black rice

Le Nostre Catalane

  • Catalana lobster ( lobster, potatoes, arugula salad, red onion and tomatoes)
  • Catalana scampi (scampi, potatoes, arugula salad, red onion and tomatoes)

Secondi di carne

  • Fillet mignon in four pepper sauce
  • Duck brest with balsamic vinegar
  • Medallions of veal meat with armagnac
  • Veal meat scallops with Parma ham and sage in a white wine sauce
  • Millefeuille of lamb crusted with dried fruit and foie gras
  • Fillet mignon “Rossini” style with black Truffle and Foie Gras
  • Beef steak tartare

La nostra griglia

  • Lobster
  • Mix grilled of lobster, scampi, prawns
  • Mediterranean “Scampi”
  • Tuna fish
  • Grilled beef fillet mignon
  • Chateaubriand (fillet mignon beef with Bernese sauce)
  • Grilled lamb chops with maldon salt, black pepper and fresh mint sauce


  • Mixed Salad
  • Puntarelle” with anchovies sauce
  • Baby potatoes glaced with butter
  • Mixed grilled vegetables

I formaggi

  • Mixed cheese with honey, balsamic and red onion jam
  • Ewe’s cheese from fossa
  • Artigianal cheese pudding marc
  • Ewe’s cheese aged in hay
  • Pienza cheese

Le Delizie Della Nostra Pasticceria

  • Traditional tiramisù
  • Creeme bruleé
  • Chocolate soufflé with a warm heart
  • Home made montblanc with chestnut, whipped cream and meringues

Dessert Flambée x 2 pax

  • Crepes suzette
  • Ananas Flambée
  • Crepes rum and chocolate with coconut flour
  • Hot zabayon with vanilla ice-cream

I Gelati

  • Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Pistachio of Bronte
  • Sgroppino al limone e al pistacchio di Bronte

Our ice-creams are homemade produced by:

Gelateria del Teatro – Via dei Coronari, 66 Roma

Alla Lampada Min. X 2 Pers.

  • Sea food at “Diavola” style
  • Beef -fillet “Voronoff” style (olive oil, garlic, onion, white wine, mustard, tabasco, cream, worchester-sauce)
  • Beef-fillet en-boite (worchester-sauce, cognac, mustard, cream)
  • Beef-steak “Diana” style (percil mustard and cognac) flambé
  • Veal escalop with calvados sauce
  • Lobster Flambé
  • Prawns or scampi Flambé in champagne sauce


  • Mineral water
  • Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite , Schweppes
  • Beer

Hot Drink’s

  • Coffee
  • Cappuccino
  • Tea, Tisana
  • Cocktails


The basket of homemade bread (made by our chef everyday)

The bakery section is do’ it from home made with natural yeasting processing for 24/48 hours.

*Our seafood products are carefully selected and are culled directly as fished as stipulated by the laws on health and hygiene of European Community.

I Liquori

  • Liquori nazionali
  • Grappa Distillata
  • Liquori esteri
  • Cognac riserve speciali
  • Whisky riserva
  • Distillati esteri riserva speciali
  • Grappa riserva

I Vini Da Dessert

  • Passito di Pantelleria
  • Vendemmia Tardiva – Canneto
  • Vin de Cantucci
  • Barolo chinato – Ceretto
  • Malvasia delle Lipari – Hauner 2000
  • Moscato Rosa Zeni
  • Muffato Della Sala Antinori
  • Passito di Pantelleria – Ben Rye